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North Korea to execute student by firing squad for watching Squid Game

A North Korean student is set to face death penalties for smuggling and watching popular Netflix hit series Squid Game.

According to Daily Mail the student who was returning from China smuggled the series through a USB flash drive and then sold copies to other people including fellow students.

However, North Korean surveillance service caught the student and he has will now be executed by firing squad.

One of the students who bought a copy from the smuggler has been sentenced to life imprisonment, others who participated by just watching have been sentenced for five years with hard labor while some teachers are being fired.

In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, people are banned to access or smuggle material including films and shows from the west as well as South Korea. In 2020, the Kim Jong-un Administration passed a law on 'elimination of Reactionary thought and culture' which subjects anyone to a maximum punishment of death for 'watching, keeping, or distributing capitalist media. 

Officials of North Korea's surveillance system are  still searching to expose students who are similarly in possession of  “foreign media”.

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