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Gist_with_Chadele: We Shall Arise

A lot of things have been going wrong and sometimes I ask myself if it was so bad that we had to get our independence. It might have been, but now looking back, do we still believe our leaders have done the right thing so far? 

I look left, right, front and back and all I come face to face with is sorrow. It was time for the youths to rise up and defend their future but what happened? We were crushed to the ground and even ended up going six feet below the ground. The future is now shaky but I pray things will get better. We have been failed but we shall not remain failed!!

I titled this piece FATE OF OUR FATHERS

Our children cry bitterly for the state,

The state we struggled to build from the ground.

The ground that almost swallowed us,

Cursing and moaning, till we pulled away.

Now, look at where we have found ourselves.

We have found ourselves in this hellhole of a place.

The Giant has been made the Ant,

The Ant has been mocked.

Fear not, as we shall rise again.

As one body, we shall arise.

To defeat the weak, we shall arise.

To stand firm in trials, we shall arise.

Look now, and see the future of the unborn,

The unborn to lead us to victory,

To victory, we shall march.

March on, ye soldiers, and fall no more.

Fill not your heart with sorrow,

But remember us tomorrow.

Remember the joy, our laughter and smiles,

For we have only gone to rest a while.

The fate of the ancient one have been sealed,

Their souls now cry out.

Although our leaving has caused pain and grief,

Our going has eased our hurt and given us relief.

I shall be triumphant again!

I shall be the GREAT GIANT again!!

I am the fate of your fathers!!!

I am NIGERIA!!!!


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