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Olamide's Wonma video goes wrong as video is seen to portray Nurses as sexual objects

Popular Nigerian artist Olamide Adedeji (Olamide) has recently released a music video for his street jam Wonma. The video after it's release on August 3rd has stired up anger and controversy from viewers including his fans.

Recall that earlier this year, Olamide hit the street with Wonma which was greatly appreciated by fans because of its banging nature and everyone had waited patiently to see what it's video would look like. Disappointed and sad, fans took to social media to lament the inappropriate manner the video was shot and the bad message it is sending across the world, portraying nurses as sexual objects.

The video has raised concerns and even the NursesWorld of Nigeria wants legal action to be taken against the entertainer. Below are some of the images and tweets against the Wonma video:

Bowing to pressure, Olamide was said to have removed the video from his instagram page.

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