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Gist_with_Chadele: Nigeria and shattered traditions

Many cultural festivals of our traditional people offer tremendous healing effects directly or indirectly, even to spectators. The body, mind and spirit benefitted through dancing, running, feasting and innovations that characterized such festivals.

Culture they say, is the way of life of a people. Nigeria is a nation of diverse cultures, languages and tribes with over 400 different cultural affiliations. The Yoruba are peculiar with their Aso Oke, Shuku hairstyle and left dance patterns. The Hausa people with the Kalangu drum, Tuwo Masara, etc and the Igbo people having a good grasp of entrepreneurship and ingenuity in business, have their Ofe Nsala, Ofe Owerri, Ofe Okazi, with masquerades of different types.

Nigeria is blessed! Ironically, our rich heritage seems to have been completely relegated to the background. No longer do we hold sacred our traditions. To many, these traditions are archaic and unfashionable because they do not conform to the ways of the West. Will it be right to say we are walking in the shadows of the West or the ‘White man’? We have refused to believe in the equality and even superiority of our norms and values to those of the white man.

There’s no denying that there are good things that can be copied from the West but we must not forget who we are and where we are com in from. As it is said, “always respect your opponent but respect yourself more”. Thus we must rise to the challenge of reaffirming our cultural uniqueness.
Chadele will be back again next week with a sensational gist. Till then, Ciao!