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Gist_with_Chadele: Reasons why you always make poor choices or decisions

Making daily poor decisions slowly leads to a poor quality of life. It makes you less developed and it tends to draw you back in life:s journey. Here are reasons why you make bad choices or decisions.


This shows up as the inability to check facts, to take the initiative, to confirm assumptions, or to gather additional input. Laziness makes you always make you stay in that comfort zone. It doesn't make you think outside the box.

Not anticipating unexpected events

It is discouraging to consistently consider the possibility of negative events in our lives, and so most people assume the worst will not happen. Unfortunately, bad things happen fairly often. People die, get divorced, an get involved in accidents. Markets crash, house prices go down, and friends are unreliable. There is an excellent research demonstrating that if people just take the time to consider what might go wrong, they are actually very good at anticipating problems. But many people just get so excited about a decision they are making that they never take the time to do that simple due-diligence.


You see, when you have to carryout a project and you have so many options in front of you, you tend to make a wrong decision. When you have too many options, you become indecisive and unfocused. Always focus and be decisive. Go for the best options and work on it.

Remaining locked in the past. 

Some people make poor decisions because they’re using the same old data or processes they always have. Such people get used to approaches that worked in the past and tend not to look for approaches that will work better. But, too often, when a decision is destined to go wrong, it’s because the old process is based on assumptions that are no longer true. Poor decision makers fail to keep those base assumptions in mind when applying the tried and true.


Some decisions are never made because one person is waiting for another, who in turn is waiting for someone else’s decision or input. Effective decision makers find a way to act
independently when necessary.