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Gist_with_Chadele: The Essense of proper timing

Most times people tend to be in a hurry to get things done, even without stopping to think if it’s the right time or not. We cannot always be in a hurry to do things or make decisions. Last week we discussed choices and we know the consequences of making the wrong decisions or even making the right decisions at the wrong time. 

In some cases, we have to take things slow and not rush to the finish line because as the saying goes, “it is not by how far, but how well”. When we fail to plan, we plan to fail but that doesn’t mean we should throw all caution to the wind and rush into things. We also have to take our time. Though, they say time waits for nobody but do you know with certain right decisions you can make time wait for you even make it stop?

There is time for everything, even the Holy Book talked about the time to be happy and time to be sad, time to work and time to play. We all have 24hrs in a day to do whatever we want to do and its our choice to either make adequate use of it or let it go to waste. We just have to be prepared for whatever comes our way and deal with it accordingly. Don’t always be in a hurry to do things as you might not like the results. Always try to do things you want to do and not just to impress the other person. 

It might take years to get a good deed done but then, it takes just a second to ruin everything and when that time of ruin comes, nobody remembers what good has been done but the fault or wrong committed. 

So why not take your time and make the work count? These days, everyone wants to be wealthy but how many people want to work for that wealth? “Get rich quick” has become the order of the day, to the extent that people don’t even care to know by what means the money is being made. 

All they want is the money, fame and influence that comes with such wealth and when time for reparation comes, they blame it on the devil and look for ways out.
It only takes time for a new born baby to jump and that time is used by the baby to grow. So why not grow with time and leap as high as you want and even higher than your peers but don’t fly further than you can at that time. Use your time wisely and join the gist again next week. Ciao!

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