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Five habits that put your brain in danger

The brain, no doubt is the most vital organ in the body and as such, it deserves special care and attention. When the brain gets faulty, one looses balance. However, there are very common activities we indulge in almost daily that poses threats to our brains. Let us take a look at them.

1• Playing very loud music using earphones or headphones

So many are guilty of this act.There is this joy and feeling that comes along with listening to loud music using ear and headphones. But when you listen to very loud music using earphones and headphones, you are likely to damage your ability to hear and as such brain damages like loss of memory can occur.

2• Covering your head with your blanket while you sleep

It is true that when you cover your head when you are asleep, you feel extremely warm and comfortable. You should know that when you cover your head while you sleep, it reduces the consumption of oxygen in your brain and as such damages your brain cells.

3• Depriving yourself of good sleep

There is time for you to sleep and get rest. Most times, we stay up all night after we must have worked during the day. Young people these days use the whole night to chat and get busy when they are supposed to be resting their brains. Therefore, if you don't sleep well, your memory will be affected and you will start killing your brain cells gradually.

4• Over-eating 

We all want to eat either to recover lost body tissues, to look healthy and all, but there is a difference between eating well and over-eating. In actual sense, over-eating increases your level of cholesterol and it thickens your blood vessels which in turn reduces blood supply to brain cells.

5• Working and stressing yourself out when sick

When you fall ill, it is not the time for you to show you are strong and that you have the ability to work while ill. If you work when you are sick, you are adding more to your problems. Your brain will get weaker and more harm will be done to your health. When you are sick, eat well, relax and recover.

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