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Meet the fast growing Tech company in Nigeria with a vision to equiping youths with digital skills

Teens Can Blog promises to build young people in high school, university and communities in Technology.

Nobody understands the predicament of Jobless young Nigerians better than Teens Can Blog.

According to a recent survey, Nigeria happens to be the highest African country with a sustainable development in internet penetration. This same survey shows that a vast majority of teenagers in Nigeria have access to digital technologies, particularly mobile phones, laptops and the internet.

 An average Nigerian teenager spends about an hour to five daily on the internet. These, as a matter of fact, shows that Nigeria is ready to joined the rest of the world for digital overhaul. .

Furthermore, another survey for internet freedom done in 2018, showed that Nigeria ranked third in Sub-Saharan Africa and 21st out of the 65 global markets.  The implication of this is that if the internet is accurately used in Nigeria with the numerical impressing usage, Nigeria could be one of the most productive countries in the world judging with the wealth of value the internet provides.


Creating a sustainable future is the reality every genuine initiative wants to bring about.
Teens Can Blog is a technological initiative targeted at building teenagers with  technological activities in order to enhance personal development and productivity, for now and particularly their future.

Teens Can Blog is convinced that access to sustainable livelihood through technology specifically suited to  Nigeria allows young people to thrive.  This is necessary to get young people interested in other pressing social issues like counteracting climate change, politics,  economics and the likes.


Teens Can Blog was currently featured by Forbes among the 150+ impactful business start ups in Nigeria, for a 4weeks digital acceleration program. Having been featured in different popular national dailies in Nigeria; The Guardian Newspaper, Nations News Paper and many more.  Our relevance cuts across the shores of Africa. We have been able to secure partnerships with leading Tech institutes in the United Kingdom, India and with many media firms in Nigeria.

With genuine solution provisions to leading organizations, Edtech orgs and business institutes.


The real question is how to identify and build these young persons to be committed to excellence and have a foot in the door with the right tools.

Majority of our targets are in high schools,  tertiary institutions, NGOs, local communities and other unpopular organizations.

so we reach out for them through these ways:


We partner with schools, primary,  high schools and universities to ensure students learn in-demand Tech skills before graduation and are able to build amazing solutions.


We also reach out to local communities to build our targets, equip them with tech materials as they might not be able afford any, and mentor them till they become grounded.

We partner with organizations, churches,  and other non governmental organizations to build Teenagers in their environ with tech activities.

Our team is made up of high profiled tech experts,  who can be booked for summits, trainings,  workshops and seminars.

We have a special home training and mentorship package for parents who would love their Teenagers to learn in their comfort zones,  our resource persons will be made available for training and mentorship for as long as the subscription ends,  with monitored consistently and productivity.

For more information, kindly email us at:

[email protected], or
[email protected]

Or phone us via
09066287396, 08137677898

Our official website is:

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