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Gist_with_Chadele: Depression 2

Continued from last week …
Depression can be grouped into various categories, depending on the how severe the symptoms may be. Some people experience mild and temporary episodes of depression while others experience severe and ongoing depressive episodes.

Though grouped into various categories, it can be broken down into two major types: Major depressive disorder and Persistent depressive disorder.
Major depressive disorder is the more severe form of depression, which is characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness and worthlessness that do not go away easily on their own. Symptoms of this kind of depression can be detected within a period of 2weeks unlike that of persistent depressive disorder which takes a longer time.

Persistent depressive disorder on the other hand is a milder but chronic form of depression. For it to be diagnosed, symptoms must have lasted for at least 2years.

Living with depression can be difficult but treatment can help improve your health and quality of life. Depression can be treated successfully but it is also important to stick to the treatment plan. You can talk to a healthcare provider about possible options but it is possible to combine medical treatments and lifestyle therapies including the following;

* Medications such as antidepressants, antianxiety, antipsychotic medications etc.
* Psychotherapy
* Light therapy
* Exercise
* Avoid alcohol and drugs
* Learn how to say “NO” by setting boundaries, especially in your professional and personal lives.
* Most importantly, take care of yourself. Put yourself first, not by being selfish at all times but taking out time to make yourself happy.

Do you know anyone dealing with depression? Let us take a look at how to help depressed people around us.
* Listen to them
* Make sure they start therapy and support them till the end
* Set boundaries especially when at work
* Learn more about depression on your own
* Extend invitations to them
* Be patient because it might take a while for them to recover
* Always remember to stay in touch with them
* Don't use them as an excuse not to take care of yourself, so try to take care of your own self.
Remember, someone might be going through something you do not know about. Reach out to a friend today! I remain Chadele. Thanks for reading. Ciao!


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