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Popular video director Clarance Peters in police custody, linked to Kodak's Murder

Popular video director Clarance Peters have been arrested by the Lagos State Police command following his link to the death of popular Nigerian dance goddess Kodak.

The police confirmed his arrest and they have said they are questioning him for a murder case.

It was gathered that Kodak was said to have died out of electrocution while she was using her phone that was plugged to a socket in Peter's house.

However, there had been a public outcry about the circumstances surrounding Kodak's death and many have doubted the fact that the dancer died out of mere electrocution. Some twitter users even went to an extent of saying Clarance Peters drugged Kodak.

While some are pushing for Clarance Peters' immediate prosecution, some are saying words of prayers for him to come out of this unknown trouble.

The police have said he will be with them pending the release of an autopsy report.

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