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"Nigeria has what it takes to take more loans"- Femi Adesina

Soon after alleging that the second Niger bridge will be Buhari’s ‘gift’ to Nigerians, another media aid Femi Adesina, has said Nigeria has what it takes to take more loans. He made this known according to the Nation reports. Femi Adesina says there is nothing wrong with Nigeria taking more loans

Adesina has argued that there is nothing wrong with the federal government sourcing for more loans to fund developmental projects in the country.

He however urged Nigerians to stop criticising efforts of the federal government in securing more loans to develop the country, pointing out that Nigeria's economy has the capacity to absorb more loans.

He said it  there is no crime in taking loans for developmental purpose but that it is criminal to take loans for the purpose of diverting to private pockets. Adesina pointed out that the huge debt which the country owes was largely borrowed by previous administrations.

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