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Gist_with_Chadele: ADDICTION

Addiction is a chronic dysfunction of the brain system that involves reward, motivation, and memory. It’s about the way your body craves a substance or behavior, especially if it causes a compulsive or obsessive pursuit of “reward” and lack of concern over consequences.

Addiction in a lay man's understanding, can be seen as when an individual "worships" a particular item, thing or substance religiously. Also, it's known that the individual has a fair knowledge of the item, thing or substance (I.e Good and bad) but choose to over do at the comfort of his/her being and those around.

Addiction is another serious issue which affects everyone, not only on the part of those who are addicted but also on the part of those related to them. Over time, addictions can seriously interfere with your daily life. People experiencing addiction are also prone to cycles of relapse and remission. This means they may cycle between intense and mild use. Despite these cycles, addictions will typically worsen over time. They can lead to permanent health complications and serious consequences like bankruptcy.

Addiction comes to play when the victim is being introduced to it or through peer pressure (I see others do it, why can't I do it too?). Some victims also think that being addicted to a particular thing, item or substance make them feel pretty confident and strong about themselves and that's where low self esteem comes in..

Addiction starts little by little then gets bad. Thats when the main intoxication sets in.

People can develop an addiction to:

Alcohol, Marijuana, Inhalants, such as, paint thinners and glue, Opioid pain killers, such as codeine and oxycodone, heroin, Sedatives, hypnotics and anxiolytics (medicines for anxiety such as tranquilizers), Cocaine and other stimulants.

People can even get addicted to their fellow human beings. At this stage, you see people stalking others for no just cause. Some people also get addicted to success and for this reason, they can do anything whether good or bad to get what they want. Although, the misuse of drugs and alcohol is the leading cause of preventable illnesses and premature deaths.

Equally, we have sexual addictions. Like watching pornography, and masturbation.

Symptoms of addiction could be:

* Impaired control: a craving or strong urge to use the substance, desire or failed attempts to cut down or control substance use

* Social problems: substance use causes failure to complete major tasks at work, school or home. Social work or leisure activities are given up or cut back because of substance use

* Risky use: substance is used in risky settings despite known problems

Effective treatments for addiction are available.

The first step on the road to recovery is recognition of the problem. The recovery process can be hindered when a person denies having a problem and lacks understanding about substance misuse and addiction. The intervention of concerned friends and family often prompts treatment.

A health professional can conduct a formal assessment of symptoms to see if a substance use disorder exists. Even if the problem seems severe, most people with problems of addiction can benefit from treatment. Unfortunately, many people who could benefit from treatment don’t receive help.

Because addiction affects many aspects of a person’s life, multiple types of treatment are often required. For most, a combination of medication and individual or group therapy is most effective. Treatment approaches that address an individual’s situation and any co-occurring medical, psychiatric and social problems can lead to sustained recovery.

Medications are used to control drug cravings and relieve severe symptoms of withdrawal. Therapy can help addicted individuals understand their behavior and motivations, develop higher self-esteem, cope with stress and address other mental health problems. Treatment may also include:


Therapeutic communities (highly controlled, drug-free environments) or sober houses

Outpatient programs.

For those who have the sexual addiction, which of course includes masturbation and unimaginable crave for sex, try the following steps:

*Do all you can to desist from watching pornographic contents

*Engage yourself when you are alone. Do not stay idle when you are lonely as it could trigger your addiction. Sing, dance, exercise, play games, read when you are alone.

*Confide in someone about what you are passing through, maybe a trusted friend or family and see a therapist.

Remember, you have to know when to stop and that is why it is important for anyone who is experiencing addiction to SEEK HELP. 

Thank you for your time. Gist_with_Chadele returns next week with another interesting topic. Your questions, comments, suggestions and contributions will be highly appreciated.


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