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Abia State Government silent and unconcerned as Abia State University students suffer kidnap daily along Uturu - Okigwe Road

Recently, there have been reported cases of recurrent abduction of Abia State University students by alleged herdsmen and unknown persons along the popular Uturu - Okigwe Road leading to the main school gate.

It is however shocking that the Abia State government has refused to react or act in anyway to curb the situation which has led many Absu students to become very scared of even going to for their lectures.

It is equally more surprising that none of the top media organizations in Nigeria is covering this news of the kidnap of students happening almost on a daily basis.

However, Absu students has continued to react of over the kidnapping of students along Okigwe-Uturu Road and have decided to protest online to get the attention of the public to what it is that is happening in the school.

In a chat with The Mantle Media, Glory (not her real name) a graduate of Abia State University who still stays around Okigwe axis to complete her project and clearance revealed that both the students in Absu and those who live in Okigwe town are not safe. She said

"Yes they abducted some students yesterday as I heard and they shot the driver. This is just one for the week. They also kidnapped students last week too. I have not entered school since March because of this same safety issue."

Going further, Glory (Not her real name) also told The Mantle Media how some unknown gunmen stormed a part of Okigwe on Monday evening. Okigwe in Imo State is a nearby town to Uturu where Abia State University is located. Abia State University students equally live in Okigwe where they commonly refer to as "town". It costs just N100 to get to Absu from Okigwe town with the school shuttle.

So, Glory (Not her real name) who described how the Gunmen came into Okigwe on Monday said;

"Around past 5pm on Monday, some men invaded some areas off okigwe town, owerri road with guns. Shots were released in the air, which frightened the dwellers of the area. Nobody was heard to be killed."

This kind of attack on Okigwe town has equally been recurrent.

The kidnapping of Abia State University students which has been happening for almost 8 months has raised tension, fear, anger among students.

Here are agitations of Absu students online to react to the daily unreported kidnap and their fellow students. They confirmed that they can no longer concentrate on their studies as the Uturu - Okigwe which was once safe and seem like the major route which students pass through to get the school has now become a death trap to students.

Some equally admitted that they are stuck in school as they cannot even go to their homes because they will have to pass through the dreaded Uturu - Okigwe route.

The Mantle Media is joining her voice with that of Abia State University students to tell the Abia State government to act and save the situation before it becomes too late to handle.


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