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Mark Zuckerberg announces new Features to WhatsApp.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerbergin a lengthy Facebook post announced that a new features will be added on the popular WhatsApp platforms. According to him, the new feature will enable people to communicate with close friends and contacts in different communities. The Meta boss insisted that the new feature would be rolled out to the public gradually over the coming months.

According to Zuckerberg, WhatsApp Communities will make it possible for people to combine related group chats under one banner into private social networks.
For instance, schools could combine all of their group chats into one community along with a parents' WhatsApp chat in order to deliver important announcements to everyone.
Also in a work setting, for example, businesses could organise three different WhatsApp group chats for various staff teams, all managed by one common admin.

Zuckerberg also disclosed the company's will introduce new features in the app, including;

Message reactions
Large file sharing
32-person group calls
Silently leaving groups
Bigger group capacities
Admins can delete messages for everyone in a group

The changes will ultimately make WhatsApp resemble other popular messaging apps such as Slack and Discord, which have different servers with various channels sat underneath them, allowing people to have separate discussions according to interest or objectives.

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