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Female Corps Member Decamped After Changing Dresscode

According to sources, an unidentified female corps member has been reportedly asked to leave the Gombe National Youth Service Corps orientation camp over her refusal to abide by the official dress code.
The lady was seen wearing a long khaki skirt and pleated white skirt in place of the standard white shorts and khaki trousers which are known to be the official uniforms inside and outside the NYSC orientation camps. 

Meanwhile, some corps members at the Gombe NYSC orientation camp have claimed that the corps member was decamped for wearing a khaki skirt. According to those at the camp, the corps member was told to change to khaki trousers but she refused which led to her being decamped.

However, some people have called the decision rash, giving excuses for the lady based on her religious belief and that if the Muslims are allowed to wear their hijab with the NYSC uniform they see no reason why the lady based on her faith cannot be allowed to wear skirt instead of shorts and trousers.

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