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Ukraine loses nuclear power plant to Russian forces

Russia has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, unleashing airstrikes on cities and military bases and sending troops and  tanks from different directions in a trick that could alter the world’s geopolitical landscape. Ukraine’s government has pleaded for help as civilians huddled into trains and cars in an attempt to flee the country.

All effort to restrain President Vladimir Putin has proven futile as he has ignored global condemnation and submerged new sanctions. 

It is said that President Putin has unleashed the largest ground war in Europe in decades, and chillingly referring to his country’s nuclear arsenal, threatened any foreign country trying to interfere with “consequences you have never seen.”

Hours after the invasion began, Russian forces seized control of the zone around the now-unused Chernobyl plant after a fierce battle, Zelenskyy adviser Myhailo Podolyak told The Associated Press.

A Ukrainian official said Russian shelling hit a radioactive waste repository and an increase in radiation levels was reported. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter

Ukrainian forces were said to have been battling Russians on multiple fronts and had lost control of the decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.

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