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How oil and gas NYSC PPA rejected First Class Graduate for not having political connections

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An Associate Professor of English at Anchor University, Lagos State, Stella Ishiekwene Kpolugbo, has expressed dismay over the rejection of her daughter by the Abuja office of the Oil and Gas Free Zone Authority (OGFZA).

In a detailed report filed by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ), Ejiro Kpolugbo, a First Class psychology graduate from Covenant University, Ogun State, appeared at the company on December 15, 2021, being her designated Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), with a posting letter from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), but was told Okon Umana, the managing director, was not available.

“She was asked to go home and return after Christmas, precisely in January 2022,” Stella said.

As instructed, Ejiro returned to the company on January 6, 2022, but she got the same narration of the MD’s absence. They also repeated the narration when she visited four days later.

Perhaps sorry for her frequent and vain visits to the company, a staffer collected her phone number and told her she would be called once the MD approved her posting. 

However, Ejiro has not been called since then. The last time she went there, she was stunned to see some corps members serving with the company.

“When Ejiro inquired about her status with OGFZA, she was told her letter of posting couldn’t be found,” Stella said.

She also said the company collected a photocopy of the same letter from Ejiro and asked her to return the following week. 

“When she went back there, a staff member quietly told her she wouldn’t be accepted unless she had connections from above,” said Stella.

“We got her another primary place of assignment (PPA) and asked her to get a rejection letter from OGFZA. When she got there, they were still telling her the story of the MD being the only one who could sign her letter of rejection.

“Ejiro held her grounds on getting a rejection letter today [sic], otherwise she wasn’t bulging from OGFZA! When they saw her determination, they began taking her from office to office.”

According to Stella, Morgan Mmahi, the Assistant General Manager of OGFZA, thereafter signed Ejiro’s rejection letter. 

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