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ABSU Public Health students protest over sexual harassment by female HOD and other unfair disciplinary measures melted on them

The Public Health students of Abia State University have voiced out in respect to the unfair and inhumane treatments being melted out on them by their HOD.

In a letter written by the aggrieved Public Health students, they wrote than to the school management to sanction their HOD Professor E. Enwereji and one other lecturer Mrs. Lois Ndu Agumuo for failing them massively in her course

The students also wrote that the HOD fondles breasts of female students and searches their private parts for explicit materials before allowing them go in to write exams.

A section of the letter reads as seen by The Mantle Media reads:

"Firstly, we can't check our results online and trying to check in the hardcopy at the administration office is impossible...

Second, our most recent concern is that our HOD Professor E. Enwereji searches our breasts and private part for answer keys (expo) susceptible for malpractice, which is inappropriate.

Third, there has been a massive failure in the department, most especially from MRS. Lois Ndu Agumuo's course. The HOD approves a massive failure without a proper query.

Fourthly, our exams are allocated to be written for 2 hours, but we only write them for 45 minutes, sometimes 1 hour.

Furthermore, our results are released on the day of examination, making it hard for carry over students to resit. 

...We seek your help and request for a better department from the HOD and the removal of Mrs. Lois Ndu Agumuo.

..1. Our breasts shouldn't be fondled because of examination, it's against our fundamental human right.

2. The massive failure should be looked into and addressed.

3. Our portals should be made right and results uploaded.

4. The next of great concerning is that our exams should be written at the allocated time.

5. Lastly, courses should be introduced early and not a week to the exams.

In general, we the department of Public Health solicit and seek a better working administration. The humiliation and unfair treatments the departmental administrators see as a disciplinary measure should stop.

We look forward to your immediate rely as any delay will cause further harm.

Thanks in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,
Public Health Students

In a phone conversation with The Mantle Media, an anonymous student of Public Health, Absu confirmed the ill treatments as she was once a victim.

She said;

"Honestly, we are suffering in that department. Can you imagine our HOD wrote on someone's script during exam "You will never graduate till you die". She also touches our breasts and private parts both males and females - she and one Mrs. Lois Ndu Agumuo. 

There was even one day a guy came into the exam hall with a wrist watch, the HOD dragged the wrist watch from him but the guy kept saying it was a normal wrist watch. Finally, the guy removed the wrist watch and the HOD wrote -60 on his exam script.

There was an anatomy course we all passed well. But when the lecturer went to our HOD so she could sign the result, the HOD refused to sign it saying so many people passed and that the exam should be retaken. 

After one exam we wrote, we saw the HOD and Mrs Lois together inside the HOD's car laughing but we kept on hitting her car. We were protesting in the school when we saw the VC's pro who now told us to articulate our grievances.

Even the first public health students in Absu are still writing carryover with us till today, and we can't still see our results online. The HOD is making the department hell for us."
               Public Health Department Absu

The school management is yet to respond to the letter as of the time this report was filed

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