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Woman dies on Christmas day after giving birth to twins in her 10th year of marriage

A Nigerian woman, Mrs Gloria Chiaka Aderibigbe, has died of birth complications two days after giving birth to a set of twins after waiting for a child in her 10th year of marriage.

LIB reported that a sister of the deceased, Nancy Chiama, confirmed that the late Gloria developed complications shortly after giving birth to her babies on Thursday, December 23. On Christmas Day, she passed away. Read her post below: 

"I am lost of words my darling sister. Sis Gee I fondly call u. My padi, my gist partner, my personal person.

Where do I start from egbon world is broken. How do I cope with ur demise,egbon mi..

D first day u woke me up n told me ,u were pregnant!!! sleep left my eyes ...I cried, cried,thank God, held ur hands and we prayed together.....

Geee....y u con leave me wt d twins God bless u with n u just gave up d ghost naaaaa after 10 years of waiting???

We talk about the preparations, we were ready for their birth, brought drinks n all ...all ready for the D-Day..

Geeeee...we no talk like dis do I cope with taking care of the twins egbon mi. I held u on Thursday night n told u congratulation. I left, saw u in d ambulance struggling for life !!!!!!!

Sissssssss!!! Not knowing it was my last ..n u died on Christmas day, a day I will not forget in my life. I made sure ur pregnancy journey was smooth, u did nothing but rested more...sis y na

We had plans , plenty plans on ur journey to motherhood...n death took u away from do I cope with ur demise sis Gloria???

Ur counseling helped me in so many ways,u were always der for me anytime I needed u. Where do I go from here sis of life????

8 years of living wt u, I learnt a lot from ur marriage, from u, how u coordinated ur home. Sis mi, u were selfless. U were kind to a fault. U radiate anywhere u go. U never had enemies. U were a blessing to so many people u came across.

I don't know wat else to write oooooo. I will not forget u egbon mi. I will not forget yesterday. Rest well sis...".

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