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Five high income generating digital skills you can learn in 2022 to change your financial status

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Nigeria today has become a country where young and fresh graduates can no longer get jobs by merit. Infact, as a young first class graduate, it is almost impossible to get a job with 200k and above as a basic salary. 

Asides that, the world is evolving into a technological and digital planet where if you do not have a digital or tech skill, you will be stranded.

To that, we at The Mantle Media have decided to share to you our readers five high income generating digital skills which you can really earn from in 2022. They are called digital skills because they mostly require your phone/laptop and internet service. They can also be remotely done.

So, in no particular order, we have the following as top five high income generating digital skills you can learn make huge money from it.


Blogging is a very lucrative digital skill which you can learn and make huge money out of it.

An individual can create a blog and enjoy a location-independent lifestyle, blogging is a lucrative digital skill that can be a source of inert income if you do it the right way and if you are earnest about selling something, then it’s also a terrific point of entry to your sales funnel.

While starting up isn’t too hard, developing it is unless you know the precise step. And even while there are many ways to profit from blogging the surest and the best is to sell vital digital products to your audience. The strategy here is to create your blog correctly if you want to generate a meaningful income.

You can also earn from blogging through displaying ads from several ad companies like Google AdSense, Ezoic, Adsterra etc.


This is a process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person or company’s product. this lucrative digital skill or online business operates in a way in which the affiliate simply searches for a product in the search engine that they enjoy promotes the product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale that they make. These sales are tracked through affiliate links from one website to another.

Personally, I am also an affiliate marketer and I can tell you how lucrative it is. I use the Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing platform and I can testify to how it generates high income for me and other Nigerians. The amount you can make from affiliate marketing in a day, you can work for it as a salary in one year. That's the truth. I can set you up to be an affiliate marketer and earn money for yourself. It's very easy and it's something you will enjoy once you are dedicated to it. To contact me on WhatsApp, send a DM to this link.


A Copywriter is anyone who is paid to write content that motivates readers to take action. For instance copywriters write the words used for marketing products and services, which include things like;

  • Sales pages
  • Email funnel
  • Landing pages
  • Blog post and articles
  • Video script
  • Case studies
  • Advertisement both print and digital
  • Copywriters are not just writers they can also be referred to as sales people, you need to learn and master all these element in order to be a good copywriter.
Once you learn this digital skill, copywriting can earn you millions if you know your onions.

Graphic design is a lucrative skill that necessitates the use of a tool. You must have the necessary and proper tools, which can be purchased online for the most part.

A computer is the first thing a person who aspires to be a graphic designer will need to have, which can be either a laptop or desktop. You will also need to purchase a membership to the adobe creative cloud, price of this range depends on the package you choose, it is important to purchase almost all adobe apps because you never might know which one you will need for a client.

The final graphics design tool that an aspiring graphic designer should have is a ruler, which is mostly useful for print design.

Content creation is also a lucrative digital skill that one can earn meaningful income from in this present era, this is when you write informative content and sell this content itself. Many people think of content marketing as blogging. However, blogging is not a business it is a way of attracting visitors to a site, you don’t need a degree to become a content creator or content marketer, you just need common sense and the ability to make research on any given topic.

The basics skills are research and writing. If you can write persuasive content that will bring people to your website and sell to them e-book or advertise on your site, you are a content marketer.

Note that this is close to affiliate marketing, the difference here is the content that you are selling is your work and not the works of others.

Other digital skill asides these ones mentioned include

• Crypto currency trading

• Vlogging

The following discussed lucrative digital skills and online business are what’s trending and in demand globally, so if you feel stuck in your career, or if you have a degree that is no longer relevant, try one of these in-demand skills and scale-up. This will assist you in creating the value that you offer in the market and obtaining a good salary. Anybody can learn these digital skills; Student, Youth corper, working class, housewife, etc. Learn them well, pay for courses, master them, be committed and consistent and watch your financial position change. 

If you still have questions on how to begin, you can contact us via this WhatsApp link

We wish you success!

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