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"Teacher who was killed by SS3 student for flogging his younger sister bled to death at the hospital because the nurses were asking for police report before attending to him" - Sources confirm

Sources have confirmed that Ezeugo Joseph, the teacher who was reportedly killed by an SS3 student for flogging his younger sister at Erimu Private School Abraka, Delta State bled to death at the hospital he was rushed to because the nurses on duty requested for a police report before they attended to him.

Ezeugo who was said to be an asthmatic patient, was dealt a heavy blow on his face by an SS3 student Micheal Ogbeise for flogging his younger sister Promise Ogbeise.

Ezeugo fell and became unconscious and so he was rushed to a hospital where he died after loosing blood from his nose.

Confirming the incidence to The Mantle Media, the source said

"So he didn't die immediately. He was just conscious and he was bleeding from his nose. He is an asthmatic patient. He fell and hit his head something. He was rushed to the hospital but the nurses didn't attend to me. They said they needed a police report because of how the case was. It's so painful we lost him. One of my friends has paid his mortuary bills"

Micheal Ogbeise and his family has fled the town while the younger sister, Promise Ogbeise is currently in protective custody.

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