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Sylvester Oromoni: Kemi Olunloyo rain insults on Femi Falana, says Sylvester Oromoni lied to his parents on his death bed and that he was battling low self-esteem

The social media troll on Kemi Olunloyo after she gave her own opinion on the death of Sylvester Oromoni seem unending as the controversial journalist is not sparing anyone who crosses her path.

The Falana Chambers had earlier referred to Ms Olunloyo's statement concerning the death of the 12-year-old late Dowen College student Sylvester Oromoni as a 'reckless allegation' and as such they called on the Nigerian Police to investigate Ms Olunloyo.

Reacting, Ms Olunloyo took to her Facebook handle to rain insults on the Senior Advocate of Nigeria. She said

"Dear Mr. Falana, we have no petition signed by you asking the Police to invite me for questioning. Pls stop lying to the public. No US human rights lawyer petitions the police to question a journalist. ... I'm an independent journalist. Get that into your head Falana..."

See screenshot below

The Mantle Media also gathered in a Facebook live video she recorded, Ms Kemi Olunloyo called Femi Falana several names after saying she disgraced him on Silverbird TV. 

In the Facebook live video which she used Yoruba language and which lasted over one hour, Ms Kemi used words which sounded like mockeries on Mr. Falana.

She said:
" Femi Falana, I disgraced him on Silverbird. His noise is too much. Human rights lawyer - human left clout lawyer. Falana believes he is larger than life. He believes he can represent anybody. He is claiming he is fighting the government. Is it because the government has not dealt with him?"

On Sylvester Oromoni's case, Ms Olunloyo maintained her stand that he willingly wanted to join cult and he drank engine oil. She added that the late Sylvester had low self-esteem and lied to his parents about what really happened to him.

"People are dragging me for what I said about Dowen College. What is my business with Dowen College? What will come out of Dowen College will shock all of you. Because I said Sylvester drank engine oil? He said they should bear him because he wants to join cult. A boy that is battling low self-esteem, a boy that lied to his parents about what happened.."

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