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"Oge Okoye made my life miserable in boarding school. She made me cry and scrub toilet for no reason"- Nollywood Actress Oge Okoye called out for being a boarding school bully

Following the news about Sylvester Omoroni, a lot of Nigerians have shared their bully experience and in the course of it, celebrities have been accused of being guilty.

Taking to her Instagram story, the social media user identified as inside_life_ng2 accused the actress of both physical and emotional bully.
She continued by saying that the name of the school is Holy Rosary College. She cited an instance of when Oge Okoye ridiculed her looks by saying she looks like a grandma whenever she smiles.

According to her, this act of bully displayed by the actress continued for sessions and made a lot of students regret ever enrolling in the school.

See screenshots below:

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