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Abuja police officers kidnaps Relationship Coach Solomon Buchi and brother, Extorting and tagging them as IPOB and fraudsters

Life coach and motivational speaker, Solomon Buchi, has narrated how men of the Abuja Police Command kidnapped and extorted N500,000 from him and his brother
He reported via a twitter post on Tuesday night. The relationship coach said he and his younger brother were assaulted and treated like criminals by the policemen.

He further revealed that;
When they got in, the officers asked them about their origin, and Buchi and his brother identified themselves as Igbo people from Imo State. Immediately the officers learned of their tribe, he said they described them as members of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), a separatist group.

Buchi also said the policemen ransacked his phone and saw his conversation with his manager, which included how much he earned.

“They asked what I do for a living. I told them I was a writer, and they stated that I am a Yahoo boy. They said we should get ready to get to the station. I told them that I wanted to call my lawyer. They were furious,” he continued.

“They asked if I am based in Abuja but I told them I came for the holiday. They asked where I stayed and how much I was paying. I told them I stayed at a short-let apartment. They ransacked my phone and saw the conversation with my manager and saw how much I paid.”

Seeing that he had N617,000 in his account, the officers asked how he could afford such an amount. At this point, the officers had taken Buchi and his brother to the outskirts of Abuja in what he later said was a two-hour drive.

When they went through his younger brother’s phone, they figured he traded in cryptocurrency and began to call him an internet fraudster. 
“They began asking how many accounts we had and how much was in there. They forced us to open our bank apps and told me to bring N1.5 million. I was already having severe panic attacks and needed to take my other medications at home. I told them I didn’t have that amount of money,” he said.

“Long story short, they took our ATMs and withdrew N500,000 out of the N617,000 that I had in my account. They withdrew my younger brother’s N50,000. I begged them that it was my upkeep money for my stay, but they went physical on me, slapped me and asked me to use the remaining N117,000 for myself.”

“N500,000 out of N617,000 in my account. Just like that? I was squeezed in the boot; I nearly passed out. They threatened to kill. They said they worked for the Inspector General of Police. When they dropped us off, all I saw was BWR 127Q0 as the plate number. I’m not sure of the last two letters though.”

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