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'Your street protests, prayers and big English on radio and television cannot save Nigeria' - Living Spring Chapel pastor tells youths

Pastor Femi Emmanuel, presiding pastor of Living Spring International Chapel has said street protests, and other programs embarked upon by Nigerian youths will not save the country in any way.

He further stated that political debates and analyses on the television, radio and newspapers cannot solve Nigeria's problems until patriotic, God-fearing and productive Nigerians take over the mantles of offices at the ward levels.

Pastor Emmanuel revealed this in a video during a gathering where he spoke to his congregation as seen by SaharaReporters on Thursday.

The Christian cleric, who is a former Deputy Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly, noted that those who really decide the fate of the country are at the local government politics as delegates to vote who lead at the central government.

“Nigerians, save Nigeria. Nigerians, wake up and save this country. This is the only country we have. Over 200 million of us cannot migrate to any country. They will close their gate against us. Nigerians, save Nigeria. And we cannot save Nigeria by protest, by marching on the road.

“It is high time our youths left the road because you can’t save Nigeria by marching. You cannot save Nigeria by speaking big English on television, and radio and newspapers. Those who decide the fate of Nigerians don’t read newspapers. They don’t listen to television debates. They don’t listen to the radio.

“Those who will save Nigeria are not locked up in churches praying, we have prayed enough. It is time for action. How would Nigeria be saved? Nigerians will be saved when good Nigerians, patriotic Nigerians, God-fearing Nigerians, educated Nigerians, productively-busy Nigerians will go to the grassroots politics of Nigeria,” Emmanuel said.

He reiterated that “Politics is at the grassroots. Politics is at the ward level. No amount of English, no amount of protest, no amount of prayer, no amount of fasting will take Nigeria back from evil and wicked politicians except we go there and flush them out. Politics is at the grassroots at the ward level. And that is what the political warlords have captured.

“They have arranged and mobilised their own people there to be the ward officers. You will weep for Nigerians if you get to the ward level and see those who made decisions who you vote for. You will weep for Nigeria. They are the miserable, hungry, desperate, illiterate, ordinary people mobilised there by the politicians and funded. So that they can put their own people there. Now, those who decide who you vote for are at the ward level.”

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