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Igbo Youths and the dangerous 'Mkpulummiri' hard drug

There have been a sudden rise in the consumption of a certain hard drug among igbo youths recently. The drug is popularly called Mkpulummiri.

The Mkpulummiri hard drug according to reports tend to have more violent effects than other hard drugs youths take like Marijuana, Colorado.

Mkpulummiri has become a serious issue in the southeast with thousands of Igbo youths addicted to the drug.

Mkpulummiri is the Igbo slang name for a very dangerous hard drug called Methamphetamine or Crystal Meth.

WebMD states that Crystal meth is chemically similar to the drug methamphetamine, a stimulant that targets your central nervous system. While methamphetamine is made as a controlled prescription drug to treat ADHD, street versions of it are illegal and highly dangerous. 

The drug boosts the release of a neurotransmitter called dopamine, leading to an increase of this chemical in the brain. Dopamine is associated with motor function, motivation, reward, and the brain’s pleasure centers. 

Crystal meth can be smoked, snorted, swallowed, or injected. It’s often used at parties because it increases wakefulness and allows you to stay alert for longer than normal.

“Crystal meth causes an intense elevated or euphoric mood that is much stronger than cocaine,” Carise says. “Experiencing these unnatural levels of dopamine causes a strong desire to continue using the drug. It becomes addictive because your body experiences intense cravings to maintain the extremely euphoric state, which often results in constant redosing and binge-like behavior to achieve that goal.” 

People taking even small amounts of this substance can begin to show symptoms of crystal meth use. Some common signs are:

  • Sustained euphoric or extremely happy mood
  • Feelings of being invincible
  • Days of insomnia or constant wakefulness 
  • Hallucinations or delusional behavior
  • Constant itching or scabs
  • Rotten, decaying teeth

It Looks like Ice Block and can be blue in color sometimes. Mkpulummiri is known by experts to be one of the hardest drug addictions to treat.

Other signs of someone with serious meth addiction include:

Tattered dressing and shabby looks

Always picking at hair or skin

Loss of appetite and weight loss

Moving Eyes about every time

Strange sleeping patterns — staying up for days or even weeks at a time

Always Talking, Nonstop

Borrowing money often, selling possessions, or stealing

Angry outbursts or mood swings

Psychotic behavior, such as paranoia and hallucinations.

After the consumption of Mkpulummiri, one is expected to experience the following:

High Temperature and possible death.

Unable To Sleep and Violent

Fast ageing fast with lots of pimple like rash

The addictiveness to Mkpulummiri is said to be incurable by any pharmaceutical product.

There is no drug that can cure Mkpulummiri addiction. This is what makes it so dangerous.

The only treatment is Behavioural therapy which we are not sure is available in Nigeria now.

A correspondent who spoke with The Mantle Media said Crystal Meth ruined so many lives when she was resident in the US.

Correspondents who equally spoke with aprokorepublic added

Eden Chinatu

"On Meth(mkpulummiri). Sometimes when we hear that our brothers in Malaysia, China, and others are jailed or are sentenced to death over peddling drugs. We say what a wicked world? Here we are in our land with the same situation before us. We can pretend that it is not an issue but I want to say in the next 10 years a lot of our youths will be so addicted to the point where they can’t control it.

Soon there will be no need to travel to China to sell drugs or other countries because the market is here before us and the customers are our youths."

Uchenna Ezeh

"Can’t you see that many of our youth’s behaviors and actions now are really not normal. So many have wars songs on their lips every hour. Truly there is a drug addiction ravaging the east.."

Cornelius de Young

"More especially Ebonyi state to precisely Ebonyi LGA. Am pleading Ebonyi state Govt to do something to Mkpuru mmirri , if not very soon majority of Ebonyi youths will turn to mad people as a result o taking Mkpuru mmirri (ice)"

Ujunwa Okoli 

"Here in Anambra, our own is mkpurummiri situation is very critical. My town is flogging them and this is not the best, my younger brother, our only son died last week from the flogging. Rather than flog them why not rehabilitate them? My brother was never a bad child and suddenly he started hanging with rough youths and now he is dead. He could have been saved if were not flogged. After the flogging he became sick and died 3 days later."

Several videos of youths being flogged for committing certain barbaric crimes after taking Mkpulummiri are gaining grounds on the internet.

Methamphetamine is among the top five most addictive hard drug in the world.

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