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Comic Hisbah Police arrests youths for playing Whot Game in Kano

The Kano Hisbah Police has arrested a group of youths playing a popular whot game, in Warawa town, Kano.

The young men were accused of wasting their time playing the card game instead of using their time for more productive activities.

The board, therefore, shared some chapters of the Qur’an with them and ordered them to recite.

“The Warawa division, under the general command of the Commander-General of Hisbah Dr Muhammad Haroon Ibn Sina, has arrested some youths for wasting their time to play Whot.

“The divisional office, therefore, shared some chapters of the Holy Qur’an to them to recite for them to utilize their time,” said a terse statement posted on the Hisbah Facebook page.

The Hisbah Police has made series of 'funny' arrests in the past. From arresting a musician who circulated his music on WhatsApp to arresting a barber for barbing an 'ungodly' hairstyle for his customer.

However pressure was mounted on the Hisbah Police after they could not go after Buhari's daughter who took her pre-wedding pictures in an armless gown.

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