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Popular Nigerian preacher, Funke Felix-Adejumo urges her church members to be friends with only rich people, not minding the source of their wealth

Popular Nigerian televangelist Funke Felix-Adejumo, has told members of her congregation to focus on becoming rich by abandoning poor friends for only rich ones.

Mrs Felix-Adejumo said it does not matter how the friend became rich, but the ultimate mindset of a church member should be about making money.

Ms Adejumo also said a church member rich enough would be able to help fund the stupendous lifestyle of church leaders.

“You are the richest among your friends, when you sit on the table, that relationship has expired,” Mrs Felix-Adejumo said. “There is one man called Okoya. His wife…whether she is the 15th wife, it is not my business.”

“I am looking at them and seeing dignity, seeing royalty,” she said.

The televangelist leader of Agape Christian Ministries in Akure said ”Joseph befriended wealthy prisoners. Butler, bakers, connected prisoners, even in the prison.”

“Befriend wealthy mentors. You may not like that nose. It doesn’t matter. It is not their nose you came to look at. It is what they are. You look like what you look at,” she added.

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