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Nigerian Police Officers in Abia State Polytechnic shoots at Abia State Polytechnic Students protesting against rape of their colleagues by Security Operatives in the school

Nigerian police officers in Abia State Polytechnic has released several gunshots on protesting Abia State Polytechnic Students who were protesting the rape of their colleagues by security operatives.

The students were protesting the rape of their colleagues by officers of the police Rapid Response Squad as well as the non accreditation of the Civil Engineering Department of the school, Sun newspaper reported.

In a footages seen on social media, policemen were seen opening fire on students at the gate of the institution. While many protesters retreated at the release of gunshots, a few were seen hauling back stones at the operatives.

At least one student was seen on the ground near the gate. It was not clear whether he has been felled by the police bullet or just taking cover from the heavy shelling.

The Abia State police command says it had started investigating the allegation of rape of the polytechnic students by its officers female.

Police Spokesman in the state, Ogbonna Godfrey, however, told Peoples Gazette that he can not ascertain the duration of the investigation.

He said the culprits will be fished out and brought to justice when the investigation is concluded.

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