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WHO confirms first ever case of another deadly virus - Marburg virus in West Africa

The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the first ever case of Marburg virus in West Africa, in the southern Gueckedou prefecture, Guinea.

The Marburg virus is a highly infectious disease which causes acute haemorrhagic fever. It is also in the family of the Ebola Virus.

According to authorities, the first case of the Marburg virus was confirmed in a patient who got in and went to a local clinic for treatment, but the fever grew worse.

However, samples taken from the patient who is now deceased tested positive for the Marburg virus.

The Marburg virus is transmitted to people from fruit bats, and it spreads among humans through direct contact with the bodily fluids of infected people, surfaces and materials. Illness begins with high fever, severe headache and general discomfort and it has a fatality rate of 88 percent.


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