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EXCLUSIVE: Top government official reveals plot by Nigeria's Attorney-General Abubakar Malami to cover up identities and prosecution of the over 400 sponsors and financiers of Boko Haram and other terrorist acts in Nigeria

A top government official has revealed plot by the Nigeria's Attorney-General Abubakar Malami to cover up the identities and prosecution of the over 400 Nigerians who were alleged to be the sponsors and financiers of the terrorist islamic sect Boko Haram.

It was learnt that the FG three months ago announced that it would prosecute all those involved but up till this moment, no attempt has been made.

In a report put together by Sahara Reporters, the top government official revealed that the Attorney General was not happy when the task force was set to go after these sponsors and that he was always at loggerhead with the task force.

He further stated that that even after the alleged financiers of sect were arrested, Malami opposed the release of their names in public.

"Three months and no prosecution has been heard about the 400 sponsors and funders of Boko Haram and bandits. It is an ongoing cover-up by Malami. 

Malami was opposed to the raid and now he opposes having the names of those arrested revealed. So, he is fighting the task force that carried out the raid. He is saying it was illegal.

“You see, some of those arrested were people he had freed through his Special Fiat Court that sat in Niger state and parts of Abuja. Those guys are wealthy and he wants to collect money from them and let them off,”

Report shows that over 300 Billion has been used to fund terrorism in Nigeria and these funds are coming directly from 19 Bureau De Change owned by people who have direct link with Boko Haram.

However few names were leaked to Sahara Reporters. They include:

Some traders at the foreign exchange open market in Wapa, Fagge Local Government of Kano state and identified as Baba Usaini, Abubakar Yellow (Amfani), Yusuf Ali Yusuf (Babangida), Ibrahim Shani, Auwal Fagge and Muhammad Lawan Sani (a gold dealer).

In May 2021, the Media aide to the Minister of Justice, Dr Umar Gwandu said the prosecution of the alleged financiers of the Boko Haram sect would be very quick but he has always declined interviews concerning the case, up till date.

The Boko Haram sect has terrorized Nigeria for many years, killed more than 30,000 innocent citizens and displaced millions. 

Several administrations had promised to wipe the sect off but all efforts had always proved abortive. 

It should also be noted that insecurity in the country has worsened under the Buhari regime with little or no effort put in place to curb the menance.

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