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Confusion as wife falls in love with her alleged rapist, leaves husband who reported rape case to the police

A developing story has been causing stirs online which read how a lady fell in love with her alleged rapist and left her husband.

The story was brought up by a Nigerian Lawyer with Twitter user name MalachyOdo1.

The wife was said to have left her husband and followed her alleged rapist in the middle of police investigation.

The lawyer tweeted how legal issues in the country currently are mind blowing and somehow shocking.

He went to recount what happened, writing via his official Twitter handle;

“As lawyers, the things we see and the stories we hear on a daily basis, can be mind-blowing.

A wife claims she was r-ped by a customer in a hotel. The husband reports to the police and in the middle of the investigation, the wife moves in with the alleged rapist. Case closed”

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