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Obi Cubana finally reveals how he made his money as allegations of him being a ritualist went viral after his Mother's talk-of-the-town burial.

Billionaire Socialite, Obi Iyiegbu, popularly called Obi Cubana has revealed how me made his money and became a very successful businessman.

Obi Cubana revealed this in an interview with BBC Pidgin after rumours went round after his Mother's talk-of-the-town burial that he made his money through rituals.

In the interview, Obi Cubana gave a detailed story about his life beginning from when he finished studying Political Science from UNN, completed his NYSC and started looking for job which he 
couldn't find so he started doing  "small small mama put" (restaurant) in Abuja where he did his youth service, after which he started a "beer parlour" at Garden, Abuja.

He said that at the time he was doing the beer parlour business, he, his brothers, and their friends were living in a one-room accommodation in Zone 4, Abuja. He said it was a tiny room, 12 by 12, and all the six occupants of the room had was a mattress on the floor which they had to manage.

He revealed in the interview that El-Rufai, the current governor of Kaduna state, demolished the beer parlour which was their only source of livelihood in Abuja.

Speaking about allegations that he got his money through ritual killings, Obi Cubans said:

"Miracle doesn't give money because that pastor needs the money more. Native doctor cannot give you money because his children are the ones who fetch water from the stream. How can he give you what he doesn't have? Work hard. Work hard.

If you are in your 20s, work now. I am 46 years. I have done my first half. I don’t know why someone who is just 20 years will say he has not made it when he still has 50 years 60 years ahead.

"There is no soap to cut for anybody, there is no soap anywhere, work, pray, be good, make your own soap."

Obi Cubana continued by saying he got his money through hard work, prayer and fasting, and not through rituals.

"I do pray before I leave the house. I pray because if you don’t pray your body will be naked and prone to different attacks.

We didn’t plan for one-fifth of the crowd at the funeral. But see what happened at the burial.

"People have been saying that Obi Cubana has money, which money? They need to know people who have money in Anambra and in Nigeria.

"It is not about money but goodwill. What happened that day, money can’t buy it. See the crowd, yet nobody was raped, no car was stolen and no one was attacked. It can only be God."

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