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EXCLUSIVE: "Nigerian Government told us to abduct you" Kenyan Security Operatives confesses to Nnamdi Kanu

Kenyan security operatives who whisked Biafran Agitator Nnamdi Kanu to an unknown destination few weeks ago finally confessed to abducting Nnamdi Kanu on the orders of the Nigeria Federal Government.

Kanu was interviewed in the presence of his lawyer on Wednesday and that was where he disclosed all that happened to him while in chains in Kenya.

"Kanu was interviewed by DSS agents today in the presence of his lawyers. He had injuries on his neck and wrist from torture. They said they didn’t know who he was. They chained him to floor for six days but they became nice to him once they found out who he was,” a top source told Sahara Reporters.

The IPOB leader’s lawyer, Ejiofor, had revealed this in an interview, noting that the Kenya authorities would be dragged to the International Criminal Court to answer for the brutality.

The lawyer had said, “There was a clear collaboration between the Kenya government and the Nigerian government and I am happy that they are now denying the fact that Kanu was arrested in there.

“But by the time we finish with them at the International Criminal Court, they will never remain the same. He was arrested at the airport there and he was taken to an unknown residence. He was subjected to inhuman treatment.

“Kanu was tortured, maltreated and mercilessly beaten, as confirmed by him to us. After spending eight days in their illegal custody, they now beckoned to the Nigerian government. Kanu was lifeless and unconscious by the time they were bringing him to Nigeria.

“To tell you the level of their conspiracy and the desperation to get him, they brought him here on a Sunday and the federal government is fully aware that I am his legal counsel.

“He was brought into the country and inflicted with several injuries and a he is having a number of medical issues today. It was at the behest of the Federal government that Kenya was doing those things. This is against all international laws. We are going to address an international court at that level.”

Nnamdi Kanu was arrested by the Buhari regime few weeks ago, a situation which has caused stirs in the Eastern parts of the country

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