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EXCLUSIVE: Buhari's regime meets with Cyberspace Administration of China to build a Nigerian internet firewall to enable the Nigerian government control the social media, websites and block the use of VPNs

The Muhammadu Buhari's regime, through the office of the Presidency, reached out to the Cyberspace Administration of China to discuss plans to build an internet firewall.

According to the Foundation for Investigative Journalism, the government officials present at the meeting include Ibrahim Gambari, the Chief of Staff to the President, and Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture.

The internet firewall is a way of having a separate network for the Nigerian Internet that will give the government control over social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. This is similar to the internet filtering system China operates, called the Great Firewall.

 According to CFR “the Great Firewall, is the centre of the government’s online censorship and surveillance effort. Its methods include bandwidth throttling, keyword filtering, and blocking access to certain websites."

A digital security expert told Foundation for Investigative Journalism that China is the only country that deploys total Deep Packet Inspection over its cyberspace. The technology involves making use of lots of manpower

The internet firewall will also give the Nigerian government power to block VPN, which many Nigerians are using to access Twitter. 

The CAC is the central internet regulator, censor, oversight and control agency for China and answers to the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, headed by Xi Jinping, China’s President. Since its existence, the CAC, which also gives approval to data by Chinese companies outside of China, regulates usernames on the Chinese Internet, and bans comments that “harm national security” or “harm the nations honour interest”.

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