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"This girl Chidinma still dresses as if she is still in the world. When you are born again, you dress differently." Nigerian Evangelist blasts Chidinma over her mode of dressing after declaring she was born again and switched to Gospel music

A Nigerian Evangelist has condemned Singer Chidinma over her mode of dressing ever since she switched to gospel music claiming to be born again.

The Evangelist, Victor Edet wrote this in a tweet criticizing Chidinma's dresses even while claimed she was done with her old way of life.

According to Edet, if truly Chidinma was called by God to preach the gospel, her mode of dressing was supposed to change.

He added that a born again Christian should not use makeup kits or fix anything artificial and that Chidinma was still doing all of those things.

Chidinma earlier announced publicly that she was quitting secular music for gospel music. She also deleted all her Instagram videos and pictures linking her to her old way of life.

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