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EXCLUSIVE: How Former Anambra serving senator and highly connected Nigerian Politician Ubanese Alphonsus Obi Igbeke, arrested, kidnapped and tortured eight little kids between ages 9-12 for throwing fire crackers (banga) at him since 2000 with no trace of any of them till date

A private investigative journalist simply identified as Wikileaks on Twitter has carried out an investigation with findings about how Senator Ubanese Alphonsus Obi Igbeke, former Senator who represented Anambra North Senatorial District between May 2010 and 2011, arrested, kidnapped and tortured eight little children between ages 9-12 for throwing fire crackers popularly called knockout or banga at him.

The report by Wikileaks state that this incident took place in 2000, and up till date, there have not been trace of the children. They are yet to return to their parents.

In a video released by BBC, Wikileaks went all the way to Aparagho community where the incident occurred and interviewed several villagers who confirmed the authenticity of the report. 

Wikileaks during the course of the interview got to meet Adaobi and Chinedu Ekwualor, siblings of Chinenye Ekwualor, one of the affected children who were forcefully taken away by Senator Ubanese's men from their homes in year 2000.

Confirming the ugly incident, Adaobi said:

" In year 2000, Ubanese came and arrested my younger brother, Chinenye Ekwualor who was just 10 years old. My mother heard and went to the police station and on getting there, she saw Senator Ubanese who said Chinenye threw knockout at him. My mother said No, that Chinenye cannot throw knockout and that they should release Chinenye.

"From there, they carried Chinenye and the other children to Senator Ubanese's house."

The other sibling to Chinenye, Chinedu Ekwualor continued:

"When we got to Senator Ubanese's house to ask for my brother and the other children, Senator Ubanese's boys were all over the mansion and didn't let us enter."

Chinedu added that he managed to see his brother Chinenye inside the mansion from a distance, looking so weak after being tortured.

Thereafter, angry crowd gathered at Senator Ubanese's mansion to protest the unlawful detention of the children and the clash they had with Senator Ubanese's boys led to the miraculous escape of one the captured children, Anthony Nonso.

The investigative journalist found Anthony Nonso, now an adult, interviewed him and Nonso had this to say:

"I was the last person to be brought in that day. As I entered, I saw the other children, tortured and already beaten up that I couldn't recognize them anymore. One of Senator Ubanese's boys even tortured me a cutlass."

It is now 21 years since Senator Ubanese Alphonsus Obi Igbeke arrested, kidnapped and tortured those kids with no one of them returning back to their houses. 

Their poor parents has appealed to several authorities but all to no avail.

Senator Ubanese still lives normally and freely. He represented Anambra state at the National Confab which was organized by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan's regime, replacing Late Prof. Dora Akunyili who died after battling cancer.

Wikileaks concluded by saying after the parents of these kids had waited hopelessly for several years, the elder brother to Senator Ubanese now late though, told them confidentially that his younger brother (Senator Ubanese) had used the kids for rituals.

Senator Ubanese who is said to be highly connected needs to be tracked and brought to book as the voices of those kids are already crying for justice.

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