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Elnino Chinedu Agu releases his book titled THE TIME IS NOW in online version and format


Elnino Chinedu Agu a graphics editor, creative and script writer, a lover of music and football, attended Rahinna Model School and thereafter studied Economics as a course of study in Abia State University releases his book titled THE TIME IS NOW in online version. Recall in 2019, Elnino Chinedu Agu released the book only in a hard copy format but right now the book is now online. Meaning you can have access to the book wherever you are.

All you need to do is to search the book online and download it.

Apart from creative and script writings, Elnino is also into creative graphic design via Ace Studios, you can contact him for your graphic designs 

His book titled the time is now is a multiple purpose book for everyone

The time is now ( now available online )

Download Here

About the book 

Apart from the time is now, Elnino Chinedu Agu has written and released two other books/writings 

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