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Alexis Sanchez makes shocking revelations about his stay at Manchester United, says he wanted to tear the contract with Manchester United on the first training he had with the club

Inter Milan and Chilean forward, Alexis Sanchez has admitted that he never wanted to remain at Manchester United after the first training he had with the club on his transfer from Arsenal.

He made this known on Thursday night on his instagram page after he had made several shocking relevations about his stay at the club.

The Inter forward was never in form for Manchester United after his transfer from Arsenal in January, 2018. Sanchez scored only five goals in forty-five appearances for United.

According to him, he never felt like he was a member of the Manchester United family ever since he joined his club. He also stated that he was constantly blamed for his poor performances in the club but nobody wanted to find out what was really happening to him at Manchester United.

     "They said it was my fault, and this, and that, but sometimes a player depends on the environment, the family that is created around him, and I think that in that moment, we weren't really family. I accepted the opportunity to go to United , it felt tempting and it was something good for me. I liked this club alot when I was a kid. Eventually I signed but I didn't ask for information on what was happening inside the club."

Sanchez also linked his failure at Manchester United to Jose Mourinho who was United's coach as at that time. He said Mourinho never picked him to play matches.

        "I remember a game against West Ham, I wasn't picked and that never happened during my career."

     "After the first training session I had at Manchester United, I got home and asked my agent if I could tear up the contract and go back to Arsenal.."

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