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Top Four ruthless leaders Africa ever had and the evils they committed

Africa has always had this bad imager whenever governance is concerned because African leaders are basically noted for their sit-tight syndrome which in turn makes them to become outright dictators. Below we have a list of top four most wicked leaders Africa ever had and the evils they committed.

4.Yahya Jammeh

The former president of The Gambia was a serial killer. He became president of The Gambia through a coup and made life miserable for Gambians. He claimed to have the cure for HIV/AIDS and he was also said to have raped a lot of young women and killed massively. He stole from the government treasury and lived a life of luxury while his people were poverty striken. He was also said to have possessed occultic powers and killed his own aunt with magic.

3. Jean Bokassa

He was nicknamed the Mad Emperor of Central Africa and he self acclaimed himself as the 13th Apostle of Jesus Christ. He had concubines in different places of the world and fathered many children from these women. His crimes included torture and mass killing of mostly children (he was responsible for the killing of over 100 school children). He was also fond of eating human flesh.

2. Charles Taylor

He was a ruthless human being who served as Liberia's president. He was solely responsible for the Liberian Civil war which lasted for seven years and killed more than two thousand civilians. Charles Taylor was also responsible for raising children soldiers, raping lots of young women and mass killings. Infact, he encouraged his supporters to use rape as their weapon and to chop off the hands of individuals who resisted being raped. His supporters would place a bet on pregnant women to determine the gender of their foetus and they split the bellies of these pregnant apart to know. Charles Taylor had a bucket of human blood by his bed side which he drank from and was renewed everyday.

1. Idi Amin Dada

On the number one spot, we have the dreaded Idi Amin Dada of Uganda. He served as president of Uganda from 1971 to 1979. He was brutal, wicked and ruthless who committed lot of crimes even before he became president. He started to torture people to death right from when he joined the British Colony Army. He was nicknamed Butcher of Uganda and during his time, over 500,000 people were killed including Ugandans and foreigners. He gave himself titles like 'His Excellency, President for life, Lord of beasts of the earth and fishes of the sea." His other evils include Mass killings, rape, torture, burying people alive, throwing andof over 4000 disabled into the Nile and eating of human beings most especially clergy men who came to talk to him about his bad deeds. He died on August 16, 2003 from Kidney Failure.

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