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REVEALED: That sore on your lip is not a sign of malaria.

So many of us in one time of our lives or another has developed a sore on our lips mostly when we seem ill and down, and we conclude that it is a sign of malaria without even going for a test to confirm. Actually, that sore on your lip when you feel sick is called a Cold Sore. Let's take a look at its causes and other attribute it has.


Cold sore is caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV 1). After infection, it does not reveal itself immediately. It takes over 20 days to appear.


It is a viral infection that spreads through body contacts like hugging, kissing, hand shaking sharing objects like towels, toothbrush and eating utensils.

Stages of Infection

Stage 1: Feeling an itch and a burning sensation on the lip

Stage 2: Formation of blisters with fluids

Stage 3: Blisters break and scars begin to form.

Other causes of Cold Sore

• Too much exposure to direct sunlight

• Stress and

• Low or reduced Immunity

When you have cold sore, you should

• Apply Vaseline, lip balm or aloe vera

• Place ice on your lip to reduce inflammation

• Use pain killers to reduce pains and headaches.

You should also 

Avoid kissing babies when you have cold sore because they can get infected easily due to their low immunity

• Separate your eating utensils from others as well as your sponge, soap and towel

• Rest and reduce stress

• Eat good food and take fruits to boost your Immunity

Cold sore is not a sign of malaria. The reason you think it is a sign of malaria is because when the sore appears, you also develop malaria like symptoms like headache, pains, and fever. Normally, cold sore should resolve on its own within 10 days of proper care.

Stay healthy!

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