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How the late Black Panther star was mocked and ridiculed by people because of his skinny looks just before he passed away

The news of the passing away of Chadwick Boseman, the late Black Panther star shook the Hollywood movie industry and the whole world on Friday. The late Boseman battled colon cancer for four years without disclosing his ailment to the public. Not minding his health status, he continued to dish out his best to the growth of the Hollywood movie industry. He was aged 43.

Before Boseman died, there had been several cases of how people ridiculed and mocked him because of his skinny looks and his weight loss. He posted severally on his Instagram page only for some internet citizens to bash his looks without having the least knowledge that he was battling cancer.

In April, Boseman posted a video to show his support to a development initiative set up to help African Americans who were affected by Covid-19. Fans saw the video and immediately showed concern for his health because he had visibly lost weight. However, some of his followers used the comment section to demoralize the late Boseman. They made fun of his looks and called him names. An Instagram user commented "Please feed him, he needs food". The hates and mockeries were so much that Boseman had to delete the video from his Instagram page.

Others made jokes and memes with his looks, they called him names like "Crack panther". Even the media used words like "deadly skinny" to make headlines about him. None of these people knew he was battling for his dear life.

Now, it is dawn on the world, including those who ridiculed him that he died a warrior and a fighter. According to a statement from his family, Chadwick Boseman was filming Marshall, Da 5 bloods and several other movies including Black Panther in between chemotherapies and surgeries.

The lesson is, as humans, we should learn not to judge people quickly because we do not know what is killing them. Be nice, be kind, be good for no reason and show concern to your fellow humans so that you can live happily.


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