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Gist_with_Chadele: Money, the root of all evil?

Where exactly did we all see the popular sage "Money is the root of all evil?" Even in the Holy Bible where something like that is written, there is an adjective that is connected to the word 'money' that the bible used in qualifying it (1 Timothy 6:10). The Bible says that "The love of money is the root of all evil". There are some who pursue it to the extreme and thereby give their souls fatal wounds.

The love of money may indeed be the root of all evils, but can you actually do any good thing without money especially in this world we find ourselves? We need a lot of money even for the things of God; to build churches and to furnish them, we need money to train various categories of workers in the vineyard, to spread the good news, we need money to carry out the many works of mercy that the church is known for. Therefore money cannot be bad in itself.

It is the love of money that is bad. Perhaps, is should say "inordinate" love of money. That is what happens when we are prepared to sacrifice higher values in the pursuit of money, values like honesty, truth, justice, peace, etc.

It can happen when we abandon our faith to join secret societies and cults in order to make money, or engage in illegal and fraudulent activities to make money. The funniest thing actually is that illegal means of making money makes you get lots and lots of it.
We do not do anything wrong if we work hard to make money. Make a lot of it, but by honest means. The next important question is what we do with our money.

We should put our money to the service of God and humanity like our families, the society. It has been said that money is a good servant but a bad master. As long as we are the ones using money, we are safe. But the moment we allow money to use us, we are in trouble!!
A certain writer put it this way: Money is a very useful commodity and can purchase everything except happiness.

Spend your money wisely and make the best use of it. Make lots of money through a legal means. It is not a sin. Gist_with_Chadele returns next week. Ciao!


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