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By Mezie Abia

Nigerian people won't talk, she's not their sibling. The journalists won't ask, it's not worth their editorial headline.  Common sense won't probe, it doesn't really matter. And no matter how highly suspicious it looks, in so far she's not a politician's daughter, not related to a top military brass, not a member of a religious sect, her death is just one of hundreds of unaccounted for deaths that occur in Nigeria every single hour of every single day.

Tolulope was a young Nigerian Airforce pilot combating the Boko Haram insurgency in the northern part of Nigeria. She wasn't kidnapped by bandits, and she wasnt shot down by terrorists; apparently, she was knocked down by a vehicle within the vicinity of the airforce barracks, and that raises the barrage of eyebrow-raising questions of what really happened and how.  News published it that she was called out of her dormitory by a senior officer outside her official working hour; and that was it.

Next was a press release of flimsy narratives of a questionable occurrence that, she was 'INVOLVED' in a 'VEHICLE' or perhaps 'VEHICLES' accident in which she sustained head injury and eventually died.

Well, it's not the several questions we asked that matter, but the questions we didn't ask.  Not the several premeditated answers they may give us, but the questions they failed to answer, like how many vehicles were involved in the accident, and where was she when the accident happened?  A driver, passenger or pedestrian?  Within or outside the airforce base?  Doing what?  We have no answers, we need answers.

Mezie Abia is a very promising Young Man, a law graduate from Abia state University and a former Senior Special Assistant to the Abia state governor on Media.

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