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Meet The Himba tribe in Africa where their women don't bath

The Himba tribe are a semi-normadic people in Kunene region of Northern Namibia. Their population is just about 50,000 people and they are basically pastoralists.

Their men's major jobs include construction of huts and animal slaughtering while their women fetch water, get milk from the cattles, cook and make clothes and jewelries.

The Himba tribe of course certain have traditions which however include offering their women to have sex with visitors, marrying girls at a very young age, and their women not having their bath with water.

The Himba women do not bath with water because of the scarcity of water in the region and even if they get water, they use it for other things other than bathing.

The Himba women are also known to have red colored skins because of the way they preserve their skins. They use incense prepared from burnt aromatic herbs and resins plus a paste made from butter fats to keep bodies clean and their skins hydrated.


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