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ISOLATED - What if not just humans, but the Earth too feels alone?

Is it right for a mother to mourn her child? I think not.
Yet I have mourned so many of mine.
Not new an experience is this to me,
Since I, Mother Earth can not seize to be.
But my firstborns forget, that just as they humans can feel their pains, 
so I, when hurt, can feel my pain.

They have torn me apart in several ways,

And think it not past for they still bask in these acts.
Since I can not speak, I screamed within.
Since I can not cry out, my tears remained in me.

I showed them at every point whenever I was hurt.

I showed them my anguish when the pain was just too much.
I thought I could never die, but humans are killing me. 
And if I am the Mother Earth, then the killers are seeds from me. 

I showed them whenever they hurt me.

I showed them in hopes that they would see.
I showed them so they would not destroy me.
I tried to show them my plea.
I showed them in ways I could,
But I'm different, this they never understood.
The way they feel pain and express it to me
will not be the same way my expressions will be. 

And now that my body is weak, and can take no more, 

My children have abandoned and left me their Mother Earth to tend for my core.
Now that my body uncontrollably let's loose 
All the garbage and pain it didn't choose,
The killers, my children, desist from me.
Now that I'm dying, but I could have lived more,
Now that I'm crying, with tears more than mere sobs,
Now that it seems my life is at its end,
At last, in ending, I am isolated. 


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