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Gist_with_Chadele: Six solid reasons why it seems your business is not growing

Dear business owners, have you ever wondered why your business is still stuck and stagnant in months or years perhaps? Every business owner whether small scale or large scale is thriving for growth, but I will concentrate this write-up to small scale business owners. If you are a small scale business owner and you are not doing well in your business, then you are doing something so wrong. Let's see the possible reasons why your business is not growing as planned.

1• Starting up with insufficient capital

When you start a business with insufficient capital, your business will sink faster than you imagined. Understand that as a small scale business owner, you would still use money for other things other than just buying your products. Most times, small scale business owners do not even budget enough and as a result, they are forced to close down before they even get a chance to succeed.

2• Starving your business of the right marketing strategies

Most small scale business owners start up their businesses without knowing how the market works. When you advertise your business well for instance, you should achieve very good results. Most times, your advert as a small scale business owner ends up in the walls of your WhatsApp status and as such you end up getting very few referrals. Spend that money, pay for adverts, market your business very well and stop starving your growing business from the publicity it deserves.

3. Ineffective Business Planning

Listen, you are not the only person dealing in the product you sell. As a matter of fact, there are bigger companies dealing in the exact product you sell. But how focused are you in developing your business? What ideas and plans have you brought up? You should not focus much on competition as a small scale business owner. Instead focus on being unique, draft our very good plans to boost your business.

4• You are associating and networking with the wrong people

One of your big dreams if you want to grow your business should be to build the right connection. Associate with people who have the same mindset like you do in growing your business. If possible, connect with already made people in that line of business you are into and learn from them. They say if you are friends with Five millionaires, you are certain to be the Sixth.

5• Your Branding is something else

It might sound so ridiculous, but do you know your business might not be growing because of your brand mock-up or logo? No matter how good your product your might be, if your branding is poor, it will affect your business negatively. Define your business well, improve on your branding, fix up that brand logo that you feel is not worth it, do something unique and professional, come out exceptional.

6• Inconsistency 

Success or growth does not come out from what you do occasionally but what you do consistently. Truth be told, it is not easy to grow any business at all. A major challenge business owners (especially small scale business owners) face is giving up when things are not working out as planned. Consistency is a major criterion to the success of any business. Owning a small scale business, you would want it to grow over night and become big. But when you discover it's not working out and you start relenting, your business will suffer. Apple company did not get this big overnight. When next you feel like giving up on your business, go look for the story of how Alibaba came up to be one of the biggest internet facility in the world after several years.

Check for the exact problems you are facing in growing your business here, apply the necessary corrections and watch your business grow. Thank you for reading Gist_with_Chadele today and feel free to hit the comment session to ask questions, and to make contributions.


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