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Night of Destruction in DC, as protesters clash with police outside The White House.

The third day of protests in DC over George Floyd’s death began with bent knees, raised fists and pleas that this night, unlike the last, would remain peaceful. In those first moments on Sunday, the more than 1,000 people who marched to Lafayette Square across from the White House listened.

The sound of pepper bullets and the stinging clouds of Tear gas fills the park, as the police tries to keep protesters away from Donald Trump's residence.

American flags and some cars were set ablaze, including St John's Church, a historic landmark which was opened in 1816, attended by every president since James Madison. The fire was quickly extinguished but the police claims it was started intentionally. Vandals and looters roam the streets as a couple of stores have gotten ransacked. 

Some hit a liquor store near Foggy Bottom, where young men, both white and black, snatched handles of alcohol and took swigs while others ran off with all they could carry. In Shaw, a Giant grocery store, with employees still inside, was broken into, as was a Sephora in Gallery Place. In some other places, looters ransacked a CVS. In Georgetown, the Nike stores tightened doors were broken down and its merchandise plundered. In Friendship Heights and Tenleytown, five miles from the White House, other groups hit a Target and smashed open Rodman’s, a beloved drugstore, specialty grocer and housewares shop — all in one.
Mercedes-Benz of Oakland, in California, is one of the dealerships that was also looted

Photos show broken showroom windows and vehicles that had been smashed and spray-painted with words such as "eat the rich." CBS BayArea reported that the store also had severe smoke damage from fires in the area.

This brings DC and and some other states to a third day of craziness, brutality, and basically a standstill.
This has a also gotten a response from President Trump as he threatens to deploy military if the violence does not stop, but the people are still outsides shouting at the top of their voices "Take a knee" as the rest of the world watches in Terror.


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