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Nigerians & Cameroonians Clash In Dubai ‘Over Beer Price’. 2 Killed 

Cameroonians living in Deira, Dubai in the UAE, have assaulted some Nigerians in a revenge mission after a certain Tasso, Cameroonian, was almost murdered by Nigerians.

Two persons were feared dead when groups of Cameroonian and Nigerian traders clashed in Deira, Dubai this week.
The two persons killed were Cameroonians, two witnesses said in separate voice notes the witness sent to our correspondent.
Sources say both communities have been having cold war in a place where they both sell beverages.
“Nigerians are selling beer at a cheaper price than they do,” one person familiar with the crisis said in one of the voice notes. “That was the cause of the serious crisis, although they said the situation is under control. People are still fighting in other places.”

The chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission Abike Dabiri-Erew did not respond to the SMS sent to her phone on Tuesday evening.
Cameroon News Agency, however, reported that the fight broke after Nigerians attacked a Cameroonian trader identified as Tasso. It said both communities have been having a cold war in a place where they both sell beverages.
“Last night after beating Tasso to near death, about 10 Cameroonians stormed the streets looking for their aggressors. One person was seriously beaten as others escaped,”
“Police in Dubai have been notified but the situation remains tense.”

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