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Buy two apartments from Affordable Housing and get a free car (see photos and details)

Real Estate is a tangible asset and property which is made up of land, buildings on it, as well as natural resources on the land.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

• Real Estate is a superior investment which appreciates in value and have a very low tax rate.
• You can make money through rental income
• You can build equity and wealth
• Real Estate is a lifetime investment.

Which Is the best Real Estate consultant in Nigeria?

Affordable Housing is the best when it comes to Real Estate investment. At Affordable Housing, we are committed to creating affordable housing in Nigeria at all cost.

Why are we unique?

•Affordable Housing offers you the best chance to become a landlord at a very affordable and considerable cost.

•We offer discounts ranging from 20% to 30%

• We accept installmental payments ranging from

6 months, 12 months to 18 months

• You buy two apartments, you get a brand new car for free.

•Subscribe to an apartment and get a free plot of land.

What are our packages like?

You can get a classic prototype plot (250SQM) for #1,400,000 with instalment plans for :

6 months - 250,000 monthly
12 months - 133, 400 monthly
18 months - 94,500 monthly

Amazing right?

Hurry! Get an apartment at Affordable Housing and live a life of your desire.

We are available at ;

Good Life Housing Estate, Asaba
Apostle Landlord Villa Estate, Owerri
Spring Field Island, Lakowe
Precious Peace Estate, Imota
Ocean View Estate, Lekki

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Or contact Alugbue Samson on

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